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I shall choose a picture I have come across and extemporise on that.

Lucky dip


Every now and then I get stuck and so one strategy I have devised is to go to one of my three cook book bookshelves, close my eyes and pick a book. Close my eyes again and pick a page. It's really quite an enlightening method of getting over writer's block.

"We are not here for long. So let's at least make ourselves something good to eat."

Nigel Slater

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well"

Virginia Woolf

'A word from'


My second strategy is to devote a post to the thoughts of one of my favourite cooks. Hopefully it will introduce them to you.

Welcome to my blog/journal/whatever
This is the real guts of this website.  It's my daily thoughts that are associated with food - and it's surprising how many of my thoughts do turn to food - if only what to cook for dinner.  Food is such a basic component of life.  Every day I'll try and write something associated with food - prompted by something that has occurred.  Just click on the Read more buttons to see more. If you're interested that is.  It's a vanity project really. There is now a very easy way to leave a comment, so please do. There's an RSS feed too.  I think it works.

And now you can leave a comment.  Please do.

A second kind of lucky dip


I have been thinking about first recipes in cook books - so I shall choose a book not quite randomly and then look at the first recipe for inspiration.

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